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1.Name:CNC Precision Cutting Laser Customized
2.Process: Laser Cutting, Punching, Bending, Welding, Finishing, Assembling, etc.
3.Material: Metal Sheets, Tube, Pipe, Bar, etc.
4.Surface: Powder coating, Painting, Zinc Plated, Galvanized, Anodizing and ect.
5.Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
6.Quality control: 100% inspected
7.Specification: OEM service, strictly according drawing and samples
8. Sample delivery time: 7-10 days, per products.
9. Application:Truck Parts, Auto Parts, Industrial Parts, machine cabinets, auto parts, machinery parts, computer parts, medical parts, home appliances, electrical equipment parts, electrical appliance parts, etc
10. Customer: USA,Canada, Australia, EU etc.
11. Certification: ISO 9001

YOUHE was established in 1997, located in Foshan city,Guangdong province.
YOUHE is a manufacture and trading company. We produce sheet metal products , machining and metal cabinets by our own factories which is located in Guangdong province.
The products are used in all kinds of fields,such as food processing industry,electrical industry,architectural industry,etc. The target market is Australia,United State, Canada,UK,etc.We advocate responsibility. We are always a reliable partner to guarantee quality, delivery on time and never hide problem.
We advocate service. We pursuing good attitude, quick feedback and communication.

What you can benefit from our sheet metal fabrication service?
1.We offer raw material identification report for valuable material to customers.
2.Advanced CNC machines for your manufacturing needs range from standard gauge metal we can bend, punch and cut to your design for low-volume prototypes, to high-volume production runs
3. Our custom sheet metal services offer a cost-effective solution to your specification with perfect industrial environment in our location -FOSHAN with biggest material town SHUNDE and first aluminium town DALI.
4.Independent powder coating line with the length of 150 meters. Monthly production capacity can reach to 100,000 pieces.
5.Highly skilled engineers and manufacturing crews with over ten years experience are the heart of our factory which make us a unique supplier in industry.
6.In-house tool and die making ability

AMADA CNC Punching Machine 3 Sets -Processing Scope 1.5*3.5 meters
Laser Cutting Machine 1 Set -Processing Scope 2*4meters
Max thickness:20mm(Steel),16mm(Stainless Steel),6mm(Aluminium)
Shearing Machines 2 Sets -Processing Scope 4meters
Max thickness:6mm(Steel),3mm(Stainless Steel),8mm(Aluminium)
AMADA bending machine 4 Sets -Processing Scope 3mm 100T

Pressing Machines over 100 Sets 100T-300T
Powder Coating Line and Pre-treatment Tanks
Length:150meters Size:1.5*1.5*3meters
Rolling Machines 3 Sets TIG,MIG,Spot Welding Machines 15 Sets
Processing Scope:3meters
CNC Machining Center CNC Machine Center
Laser Cutting PartsDecorative Screen, Logos, Machine Parts, etc.
CNC Machining PartsMachined Parts, Accessories, etc.
Stainless Steel FabricationFood Machinery Parts, Acid/Alkali-resistant Parts, Marine Parts, Oven Parts, etc.
Steel Fabrication with Different Surface Treatment (Customized)Spare Parts, Structural Frame, Machine Frame, Box/Case/Cabinet, etc.
Aluminium FabricationMachine Parts, Truck Box, Electrical Parts, Decorative Accessories, etc.
Pressing(Stamping)/Hydraulic PressMachine Parts, Low-cost Parts, Parts with Large Quantity, Oven Parts, etc.
AUSTRALIA-THE HAINES GROUP-The largest manufacturer of FRP boats in Australia under the brand names,Signature,Traveller and Seafarer.
We offer tube fabrication service to HAINES on their engine display rack with 65*65*4mm square tube material that is not common tube size in China.
- CIRCUITWISE -a Sydney based Contact Electronics Manufacturer holding ISO9000 and ISO13485 Medical certifications.
We offer sheet metal fabrication service to CIRCUITWISE on their smart inventory rack.
We made custom smart aluminium template for drawers on annual qty 20,000 sets.
We offer bracket fabrication with hot dip galvanized to MAMMOTH with annual qty at least 500,000 pcs.
Brackets are made by 10mm 345B steel with corresponding welding material.
Favorable Comment
We will sincerely create and share
success with all clients. We’re not
only providing OEM service, but
also a trustworthy partner for your
sourcing in China.
Because of the advanced equipment,
excellent management and reasonable
price, Our products are more and more
popular among our clients.
Packing & Delivery Details :
1. Engineer design packing material and carton size depend on different metal products.
2. Anti-Static plastic foam.
3. Using strong export carton with 5~6 layer
4. Using Pallet for mass products.
5. Depend on cargoes weight have Express, Air and Ocean freight.
6. Shipped in 20-30 working days after Sample Approval.
FAQ-The questions you may concern
1.Q:Do you have the products in stock?
A:NO,we are OEM/ODM factory, do not have stock, we only produce according to customer's drawing and sample.
2.Q:Which kind of material you can produce?
A:For most metal parts,include steel,stainless steel,aluminum,carbon steel,etc
3.Q:Can you do surface treatment?
A:Yes,we have mature professional cooperation surface treatment factory,provide powder coating,anodizing,zinc-plating ,plating. silk screen,etc.
4.Q:How do you deal with the quality control?
A:We have 3D CMM,2D projector,salt spray test machine,colorimeter,coating thickness gauge and other measurement equipment,18 quality managements to ensure the products 100% qualified before shipment
5.Q: How do you do the packaging? does the price of product include the packaging?
A:Usually we use carton box,and add pallets and film or wooden box according to the products character or customer request,the price include packaging
6.Q:Can you give me the sample?
A:Yes,we can provide free sample less than15 dollars,however,the shipment cost should be charged by you
7.Q:How to get a formal effective quotation?
A:According to your sample or drawing,product quantity, we can within 24 hours to provide you effective quotation
8.Q:Can you provide material certificates,treatment certificates and dimensional reports?
A:Yes.the certificates can be provides per request before B/L by email.
9.Q:What software you can accept for the inquiry drawing?
A:JPG,PDF, CAD Solid works, UG ,Pro/E ,etc.
10.Q: What is the main machine in your factory ?
A: Laser cutting, NCT punching, bending machine, welding machines, punching machine etc.
CONTACT INFORMATIONMetal Laser Cutting service
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